Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The Very End

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This is the last of 14 installments. Click to read the entire piece.

But Tom - and Mackie - made it home. And the village cheered and wept and carried on. And a few, Davie Blane amongst, slept sound in their beds and knew that 2 lives had, thanks to them, been saved. And as is the way with all great adventures of boyhood, Tom set foot on the road to becoming a man. A distant future of slipways and lifeboats and late night alarms. Of those lost - in the water and out of their depth. The service of others who found themselves in need of aid.

And I speak as one who knows. Who has - a long, long time ago - clung in the dark to the side of a boat. Who lost a father but held a younger brother close. Who cried and yelled and trusted help would come. Who gripped a compass tight in a watery palm. Who owes her life to the men who left the warmth and safety of home. Rescue bound in the worst of sudden storms.

I would not live to see a story such as theirs be lost.

And my compass in a box. Lucky charm at sea that night and all the years to come. Mine to only weeks ago post north. Wrapped in foil with a handwritten scrawl. 'For those who keep the sea at night to find their way back home'. Posted to the RNLI on the North Shore Road.

For I need it no more.

A speeding bike under summer sun, a label lost in a sudden fall. A chain of lucky events which led to Tom.

Assuming - of course - you believe in luck. Which Annie did, which I did, and which most of us need never otherwise have reason to explore.

The end.


  1. Just brilliant. You must do something with this.

    1. Thank you Stephanie - I was so pleased to stick with the story and find my ending x

  2. BRAVO. BRAVO. BRAVO. I was so gripped.... wonderful story, fantastically written, you are such a talent!!!!!! My heart was in my mouth reading what could/might happen to Tom.... and of course, the link to the narrator all along. You must enter this story into writing competitions etc as Stephanie says above, you must do something with it! XXX

    1. Thank you! I think I need to not read it for a few weeks, then go back and tighten it up where might be needed. May try and track down some competitions. Thanks so much for your lovely comment xx

  3. Just read to the end! I love the way the pace mounts towards the end of the story. Finding the silver foil again is a lovely touch,too. Well done!


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