Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The Twelfth

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This is the twelfth installment of a 14 part story. Click to read the entire piece.

And it was Davie who raised the alarm. Banged on every wooden door the length of the row. Coats and boots and Annie's neighbours swarmed. Some to the beach - and others to the RNLI station on the road.

And the shore was lit by torch, voices rang as men and women called out for Tom. And a few, older than most, remembered a different night and a different storm. Whilst strangers arms held Annie close - who cried and shook and took her eyes, not a minute, from the coast. From the horizion where any moment now she'd see the boat - see Tom and see the dog.

And from someone else's phone, she sobbed to Adam and told him that their son - for all she could assume - was on the water and was lost. And from a ferry which high winds had kept in dock, Adam heard her words and dropped the phone and ran.

And they say it is the dying who see life flash before their eyes, yet stood in sand and pouring rain Annie blinked through Tom's past. Infant boy swaddled and safe in a hospital ward, crawling then and later running out the door. Child's cries screamed from the gulls above - ghosts on a beach in a growing storm.

The lifeboat launched - engine roared and searchlights on. And someone handed Annie back her coat. Yellow and hooded and a summer of not being worn - not since the day that school had stopped. It was cold - hand placed in pockets she found the silver foil.

To be continued... You can read the next installment here.

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