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Sunday, 23 June 2013

London Town

Friday night - late,
table maybe 10 of us,
I couldn't rightly say.

Just ended up there.

And it seemed less strange,
with wine and talk and food on plates,
easy chat of this and that and faces put to names.

Whilst fireworks,
tore the sky and screamed above,
we could not see any light but we could hear the noise.

Like the blitz - I joked.

And sirens then,
rush and gone and rush again,
red at night and city lights and someone needing help.

Easy it could be to miss the look upon your face.

Clear and bright -
sudden, still and lit up eyes,
not from quick coincidence and not from nice surprise.

Quite a different sort of day on quite a different night.

And is that grief?
Carved with depth beyond belief?
Beauty there the likes of which I wish I'd never seen.

Friday London late at night,
pretty mother, pretty smile,
easy for the world to miss what's obvious to see.

Exhilarated sadness in a restaurant on a street.


  1. And being one of that group this poem is so alive. So beautiful. I am so so glad to have met you!

    1. Was so lovely to meet you - social media is great but it still can't beat the real thing x

  2. Oh wow had never even thought of the emotion she must feel when hearing sirens now :( x

    1. No - I hadn't either until that moment :( x

  3. This is beautiful Helen. Lovely to have spent the last two days with you. Keira x

    1. Thank you Keira - you were a lovely roommate xx

  4. Brings it back lovely to have met you

  5. Beautiful as always lovely lady, so glad we got to meet! Xxx

    1. Thank you Lisa - it was smashing to meet you x

  6. Oh Helen, this is just utterly brilliant. Beautiful. You are so talented.

    I still can't believe those fireworks - they were so loud and all of us just sat there stunned.

    It was such an honour to finally meet you this weekend, I just only wish I'd got to spend more time with you but the 2 days flashed by in a blur xx

    1. The time really did flash didn't it? Yes those fireworks were so loud it was a strange moment - all that noise yet not being able to see a thing. The whole weekend was odd and special at the same time. Lovely to meet you and hope we all can meet again x

  7. So poignant Helen. A friend of mine has a similar fear of ambulances and the noise of helicopters overhead. Sadly for the same tragic reason - 2 of her babies lost and gone to heaven. Beautiful as always. I'm so sad not to have met you x

    1. Oh gosh Suzanne that is so very sad - I'm so sorry you should understand the poem so well. I would have love to have met you, hopefully there will be more opportunities to come x

  8. This is gut wrenching Helen. It takes you on such a journey emotionally starting with the sense of friendship and fun and then the change catches you by surprise. Beautiful observational work, a real slice of life and highlighting of hidden emotion.

  9. As Stephanie says this is really heart-wrenching. How sad that it needed to be written, but what lovely words you found to write it.
    I'm sad we didn't get to talk properly this weekend. Maybe another time x

  10. How moving and sad and beautiful.... Until I read this, I hadn't realised the connection the sound of sirens might have with a thoroughly traumatic event - of course it would, makes total sense. Lovely that you were all there for each other and Jennie. X

    Ps. It was so lovely to meet you at long last!


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